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Charger Installation

Whether you’re looking to reduce your fleet’s running costs or boost your brand’s ‘green’ image, electric vehicles make good business sense.

Getting Businesses & Local Authorities Plugged In

Whether you’re looking to reduce your fleet’s running costs or boost your brand’s ‘green’ image, electric vehicles make good business sense.

EVs can significantly reduce your fuel bill and they attract a number of tax benefits and reliefs. You can also claim up to £350 per socket off the cost of installation under OLEV’s Workplace Charging Scheme.

You can even generate an additional income by allowing other drivers to use your chargepoints for a fee.

You may be ready to switch your company cars or your fleet to electric and need an effective chargepoint system. Or you may want to start with a single chargepoint at your workplace to encourage staff and visitors to go EV and show your commitment to the environment.

We work with a range of businesses and organisations in the public and private sector. We can advise on the right charging units for your project and budget, and show you how to manage your chargepoints with specialist software and apps.

We also work with local authorities in the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

OLEV has currently allocated £1.5m of funding and £4.5m for 18/19 and 19/20 for on-street residential projects, available to local authorities for eligible projects. 
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Commercial Charger Installation

Does My Business Qualify For The Workplace Charging Scheme?

The scheme is available to any business, charity or public authority.
Simply put, you can tell whether your business is eligible or not if:
Your workplace has off-street parking
You can demonstrate a business need for the chargepoint
Your chargepoint is installed by an OZEV-approved company

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

You must complete an online application form and if you are successful, you will be given a voucher code. Present your code to your installer, they deduct the value of the voucher from your bill and claim this back from OLEV. The voucher code is valid for 120 days.

How do I monitor and manage chargepoint usage?

We’ll help you install and use specialist software and apps to keep track of usage. You can see peak demand times, set tariffs and manage payments (if you intend to let other drivers use your chargepoint), and live updates.

How much can I claim?

The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme grants cover up to 75% of the installation costs, capped at £350 per chargepoint socket. Businesses can claim for up to 40 sockets across all sites (40 single socket or 20 double socket chargepoints).

How much could my business save by switching to EVs?

Your staff could save up to £1,000 a year on their fuel bill. EVs also attract a range of tax reliefs including 100 per cent First Year Capital Allowance – allowing the whole cost of purchase to be offset against taxable profits in the first year of purchase (available until 2021). See our blog here for the full rundown.